iNFiNiTi: Magic & Beyond

Performer | Creator | Lecturer

Who is iNFiNiTi?

Someone who makes a living out of tricking people… A world renowned Close Up Magician based around Birmingham, specialising in high impact, Dynamo-esque, ultra-visual magic, available to make appearances at private parties, weddings and corporate events.

When he isn’t out performing magic he’s making it for other magicians. He’s the creator of a range of best selling magic tricks sold all over the world and the Head of Product Development at Saturn Magic: one of the UK’s biggest magic retailers. A proud product of the British Magical Society (the UK’s oldest magic club), he now lectures his closely guarded secrets to exclusive magic clubs across the country.

iNFiNiTi (right), fronting up the Saturn Magic stand at the 2021 Blackpool Magic Convention

What’s iNFiNiTi’s story?

Formerly a professional writer, iNFiNiTi was first introduced to magic when he was living in New York City in 2010, awakening all sorts of skills and passions he didn’t realise he had. For many years he lived a nomadic life, honing his art on the streets of Rio de Jániero in Brazil before returning home to dominate the UK magic market as a full time performer.

Where it all began – a young iNFiNiTi doing street magic in Brazil

What kind of tricks does iNFiNiTi do?

Aiming to ‘shock’ rather than impress, iNFiNiTi is obsessed with modern day magic… magic with everyday objects in everyday situations for everyday people. He isn’t your old fashioned cheese ball in a top hat with white gloves (as much as he loves old school magic). His style is not so much red sponge balls, doves and rope, but more smoke, bent coins and disappearing iPhones… cool magic only! Mark prides himself performing TV Magic in the real world and is often described as a Brummie Dynamo. In fact, he’s way bigger than Dynamo, he’s 6ft3!

iNFiNiTi and TV Magician Dynamo at a Magic Circle Convention

TEN typical tricks iNFiNiTi performs at his gigs:

Producing an 8-ball from his flat wallet
Pushing a coin through a solid glass
Correctly mind reading a thought of place, object or person
Puling a spectator’s freely chosen card out of his phone
Influencing someone to correctly guess the price of his jacket (to the penny)
Bending a borrowed and signed coin
Levitating a Voodoo Doll in his hand
Hammering a five inch (real) nail into his nose
Swallowing a Tic Tac and producing it from his eye (seriously!)

iNFiNiTi entertaining with his legendary ‘Coin Through Glass’ effect at the Annual Long Service Awards Evening for Barratt Homes in London

What events does iNFiNiTi perform at?

No audience too big or small – there is nowhere magic cannot be used to create an everlasting impression, whether it’s small private parties to celebrate special occasions, mix and mingling at drinks receptions to warm up guests, appearances at weddings to add to the celebrations or trade shows to draw business to ANY stand.

There are no limits for magic – it is for everyone, everywhere. iNFiNiTi has put on shows for Celebrities at red carpet events, for one-hundred hearing-impaired spectators at Deaf Fest 2013, even performed magic to non-english speakers in the Favela schools of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and schools in Hanoi, Vietnam. His magic is for all audiences.

glee club magician birmingham

iNFiNiTi performing on stage at Birmingham’s famous Glee Comedy Club

Who are iNFiNiTi’s clients?

Many big companies you’re familiar with invite iNFiNiTi to perform at their events including John Lewis Birmingham, Sainsbury’s London, The Vaper Expo, Barratt Homes, Selfridges, The Severn Valley Railway, Bank of Canada, Barclays, Nestle, Coca Cola and The British Boxing Board of Control. He’s also the resident Magician for West Bromwich Albion Football Club and the restaurant chain Heavenly Desserts.

On top of the above, he averages around one-hundred smaller private functions every year, the majority of which are his favourite occasions to perform at… weddings.

Wedding Guests reacting to iNFiNiTi’s infamous 8 ball production

What do people say about iNFiNiTi?

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How much does it cost to hire iNFiNiTi?

Every event is different and depends on date, location, number of guests and time required. He’s available to work across the UK in one, two and three+ hour slots.

Get a quote for your event right HERE

iNFiNiTi performing at a School in Birmingham in 2020

How can I book iNFiNiTi?

Contact us for a quote HERE and upon accepting his offer usually you’ll have to pay a small deposit of £50-£100 to secure your date and time. He, will personally advise you on how to utilise his magic the best, but usually he just fits right in with your plans.

iNFiNiTi chewing his gum into the face of his favourite singer – Tom Chaplin of Keane at an album launch