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Whether you’re opening a new restaurant, looking to treat your existing customers or aiming to entertain your guests at a wedding reception, banqueting hall or sheesha lounge, Table Magician iNFiNiTi will bring your event to life with a range of modern day miracles.

Give iNFiNiTi a table and you give him a stage. Expect the unexpected with a menu of fork bending, glass warping, mind reading and more! Your audience won’t even have to move from their seats.

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Magician iNFiNiTi is top of the tables when it comes to Close up Magic and is often asked to perform Table Magic at Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Parties. The term ‘Table Magic’ is used to describe a Magician who specialises in performing for… you guessed it, tables of people. The magic usually happens before, during or after food, in between courses, making the meal one they’ll never forget, Ever.

Table Magic isn’t as simple as you may think, which is why you need someone who knows how to handle the environment. There are all sorts of things that get in the way; the food itself, waiters; speeches, a lack of space and delicate silverware. iNFiNiTi has 10 years performing experience and specialises in entertaining in and around tables and knows what works and what doesn’t. He knows which time to do which tricks, the best spectator to ‘pick on’, how to obtain the attention of the whole table and which effects work best for small round tables and long canteen style tables.

Clients often ask iNFiNiTi to work the drinks reception and then do a lap or two around the tables at an event, usually over the course of 2-3 hours. Pacing is everything and this double barreled approach ensures each and every spectator gets involved. Put simply, iNFiNiTi leaves nobody out.

Table Magic is beautiful because nobody even has to leave their seat. The magic comes to them. The best bit, is that iNFiNiTi loves to perform tricks with the objects he has around them – including beer mats, glasses, cutlery and napkins – this is organic magic at its very best. Once again, iNFiNiTi serves all UK locations, from Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Worcester, Stafford and Leicester to London and beyond. No venue is too much trouble and the Table Magician is fully insured and fully covered with up to 10m pounds in public liability for your peace of mind.

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