Magician like Dynamo

Celeb Magician like Dynamo…

We already know that iNFiNiTi is WAY BIGGER THAN DYNAMO can ever be because he is 6ft 3! And like the Magician Impossible TV Star, he is undoubtedly hot on the celeb scene and has had the privilege of tricking some of the world’s most illustrious and high profile people… (Okay… this is just for publicity and was run as a light hearted Twitter parody Campaign in 2014-2015. Follow the fun here  Enjoy 🙂

infiniti the queen
infiniti kate middleton (1)
mark infiniti stone cold
infiniti stephen hawking
infiniti white dee (1)
infiniti charles bronson
infiniti obama (1)
infiniti putin
infiniti bronson prison
infiniti pope (1)
infiniti broadchurch
infiniti broadchurch scene (1)
infiniti carra neville
infiniti del boy rodney (1)
infiniti dot cotton (1)
infiniti bronson 2
infiniti elephant man
infiniti mourinho (1)
INFINITI columbo (1)
infiniti mr t (1)
infiniti hitler (1)
donald trump
van gaal giggs infiniti
Tricking the Queen... she was lovely.


Facebook Campaign

So there you have it, a famous Magician like Dynamo. Make sure you keep up with the fun and check back regularly for new celebs being tricked via Photoshop on Facebook.

For the serious stuff on iNFiNiTi and info on how he can trick YOUR guests and make YOU speechless, click here.